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16 October 2012 @ 08:48 pm

Hello again! I'm here to present some new stuff to sell (all used but a lot of them like new!). Here's some of the rules;

- serious buyers only
- all of these prices are in $USD
- i only do 3-5 day reserves, after those days you MUST pay via paypal or concealed cash however i am not responsible if the money does not come in. if you have some issues with concealed cash, we can work something out.
- also i send the items as soon as the money arrives, after that it usually takes me 2-3 days to send because i use the money you send for the shipping! 
- i mostly do not send international/overseas anymore due to issues with shipping prices and the length of time, however if you are international and willing to pay extra for shipping i can work out something but if not US & CANADA only
- if you buy over $40 dollars, shipping is free!
- overall i am willing to work something out with you, since i really would love these items to go to a new home! i don't do refunds unless i am responsible for the shipping time length. 100% percent of the time you get an email from me explaining how long your stuff will take. 

order form for item you'd like to buy:

How long will it be till you pay/reserve:

just leave a comment like so and i will hold your item for the next 3-5 days!

also if you have any questions just email me at sophiaplease@gmail.com

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29 October 2011 @ 12:22 am
Hello! I am currently selling the following items with now lower prices! I usually only ship within the US, however if you are overseas and definite in buying, I could work out something!

I accept the following: Paypal, Money Order, and Concealed Cash (be aware of the risks!).

Shipping not included, you must request what type and I will add the shipping to your order. Overseas shipping will vary! However if you live in the NYC area and want to do a meet up email me!


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email me / PM me / leave a comment if you are interested! [ sophiaplease@gmail.com ]

10 July 2009 @ 06:18 pm
i feel like doing this too.

how are all of you lately? everything going alright?

anon comments accepted / and unlocked.
14 October 2008 @ 03:40 pm
http://www.handbagplanet.com/ <--- a contest to win a free handbag.

i mean okay, usually i'm not the hugest fan when it comes to handbags but i believe i have come to a crossroad in my life where i say "wow, i would love to own a weird and beautiful handbag!" :D. so come on ;D why not right? what do you have to lose? no bags? actually, i will probably buy a bag from there! thank you people at handbag planet and flist. ♥

i'll be back with a proper entry soon.
04 September 2008 @ 11:13 am
so my mom calls me and tells me "you've got a job! surprise!" well...apparently i have a job (temporary) to do data entry. i have to be quick and precise :D. well i guess i can do both 8D; let's hope i do well. i start next wednesday. uh as soon as my mom gets home i need to know "how much and how many hours?" i'm sure it's a nine to five job, but moniez...well i have no clue (isortahopeigetpaidasmuchasmomdoes 8D) she said she doesn't know about workers comp (butireallyhopeit's200-500aweek;;!)

okay i'm done.